The Best Cannabis Virtual Events to Attend This Summer

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Wherever your home is there ought to be some interesting coming cannabis events and bud shows towards you. Also, as cannabis-themed commerce shows, there continue to be plenty specialized in hemp farming and CBD production/extraction. As industry for cannabis is growing more and more complex the range of cannabis conventions rises. 1 noticeable trend in cannabis events is the fact that a massive quantity of events has emerged which can be specialized in Marijuana packaging industry professionals. Perhaps this really should not be a surprise, but cannabis is currently a…

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In theory, cannabis might be a large hand towards getting a rustic back on target both socially and economically. In recent years the country has been strained in both ways, with a transparent political split being seen more apparent than ever in terms of the left and right-wing. In terms of the country as an entire, adding the growing global cannabis seeds Australia market as a viable industry could boost our economy terrifically, some things we could do with. Also, this addition of cannabis may unite people in a sense.…

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Vegetative And Flowering Stages Of Marijuana

male female preflowers

There are two stages of life in the marijuana plant, Vegetative state Of Marijuana and the flowering stage Of Marijuana. In the wild the life cycle of cannabis is as follows: Spring: Seeds sprout The plant then grows for the entire summer. As the days begin to get shorter, the cannabis plant begins to make flowers and pollen. Pollination: The female plant will then make seeds to prepare for the end of her life cycle. The cannabis plant will then die for the winter. Repeat: The following Spring the plant will again sprout…

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California Moms Speak Out For Legalizing Marijuana

mother weed

Author: Ronald Russo The push to legalize marijuana in California has borne witness to a bevy of strange sleeping arrangements. Medical marijuana dispensaries are now bedfellows with unions; retired law enforcement officers have linked arms with longhairs; and Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer have ditched their progressive stances on personal freedom in order to appear tough on crime, even as one of Boxer’s own staffers was arrested on Capitol Hill for possessing weed. As the days tick down to a vote on Prop. 19, yet another coalition of drug reformers…

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California Tax Cannabis Recent Voters Poll

The new Tax Cannabis initiative is growing in popular favor for the legal use and regulation on Marijuana in California this November. This is definitely exciting news for fellow smokers, patients, activists, and the overall Cannabis communities. People are starting to realize more and more everyday that this substance known as “Pot” is great for many medicinal ailments as well as hemp for industrial uses. Well, I don’t think this new initiative actually changes the rules for growing hemp but I am sure it will only help open more eyes…

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