California Tax Cannabis Recent Voters Poll

tax-and-regulate-cannabisThe new Tax Cannabis initiative is growing in popular favor for the legal use and regulation on Marijuana in California this November. This is definitely exciting news for fellow smokers, patients, activists, and the overall Cannabis communities.
People are starting to realize more and more everyday that this substance known as “Pot” is great for many medicinal ailments as well as hemp for industrial uses. Well, I don’t think this new initiative actually changes the rules for growing hemp but I am sure it will only help open more eyes to so many opportunities.
California could make huge revenue in taxes as well as provide more jobs within the cannabis industries. Some folks I have spoken with are afraid of the market getting saturated, the  prices dropping and value that might go down. If this is true I really don’t see it happening for more than a few years from now.
Alcohol still has it’s market value and price variance for different variety’s of liquor right? Marijuana has so many good strains and depending on the grower and harvester many quality strains will be able to still hold their value.

In a recent poll, held shortly after the 2010 Primaries, shows some promising results for voting in November.

  • 76% say marijuana is already being used in the state and ought be regulated
  • 61% say it’s easier for teens to get marijuana than alcohol (the initiative would make cannabis legal for all 21+, like booze)
  • 74% say marijuana ought be regulated like tobacco and alcohol
  • 69% say the initiative will bring the state needed revenue (60% say it will save the state money)
  • 57% say it will put police priorities where they belong

Indeed, they are very slim majorities: 51% support the initiative when only hearing the title (”The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010?) and 52% support the initiative when they read the Attorney General’s summary of it. These are important numbers because the title and summary are the only things voters will read about Tax Cannabis when they are at the polls. (Source: Alternet)

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