What is the Difference Between HID Grow Lights and LED Grow Lamps?



First let us notice that these two choices for hydroponic cannabis grow light systems physically look different.

The LED grow lamp systems are made up of many petite bulbs contained in compartments usually less than 1 mm and implement an optical component to provide structure for the pattern of the radiation and reflection of the light.

The HID light appears like a huge light bulb that has the capability of producing a major amount of light. They look like the lights you might see on a football field at night.

In order to clarify why LED lights may work better than the HID option, first let us explain the principles of absorption of chlorophyll due to the size of the wavelengths of the light being exhibited and consumed by the cannabis plants.

Photosynthesis is the process in which these cannabis plants grow. What happens here is the cannabis plant converts the CO2 found in the growing environment into more plant material by using the energy of the sun. There are unique proteins that possess chlorophyll and this is where the energy is contained. Chlorophyll will only absorb energy and carry out this process of photosynthesis from specific aspects of the light spectrum. The cannabis plant utilizes blue light for its process of growing and red light for its flowering process, and does not use much green light from the spectrum. It reflects this color and this is why the plants appear green.

There has been negative speculation around the use of LED for cannabis growing. This is because the first LED lights only used a small band of red and blue light, thus not being that productive. Now the current LED lights that are used include four LED lights into groups where each light can produce the correct wavelength that will allow for increased production of growth. For beneficial growth of the cannabis plant, you want to use your LED lights directed at 439nm, 469nm, 642nm and 667nm.

Each light that is utilized offers a unique point in the spectrum. A grouping of lights 1m2 will allow for the cannabis plant to use the ultimate energy from these lights for the opportunity of growth. When using LED lighting, 90% of the light is used by the plants.

To compare, the HID lighting system swings towards one end of the light spectrum. 15% to 30% of light created by the HID system is alright for cannabis growth. Here in lies to need for these lights to be strong enough to allow for the plants to produce effectively.

The benefits of using LED lights for growing cannabis are as follows. These lights produce optimal wavelengths in the lighting spectrum. There is little waste, when using the LED system. This translates to a higher yield of larger, healthier plants.

On the subject of heat, LED lights create little to no heat. Therefore, there is little to no need to think of extraction of heat from the plants and grow room. There is no need for extra added fans and additional equipment. An ambient, comfortable home environment is fine for growing of cannabis. These plants will have the opportunity to flourish in that kind of environment.

When it comes to the pocket book and people money matters as we all know, your electricity bill will be approximately 40% to 75% less than the HID or CFL equivalents. There are no reflectors, ballasts, etc. to replace! Easier and less expensive ways are great in my book!

The lifespan of LED grow systems possess a longer lifespan as well. There are fewer components of the system to be replaced or fixed thus less energy and money, time, effort, etc. will go into the process of growing!

The size of your room when growing is an important factor to consider. LED lights can be placed within a close proximity to the cannabis. This allows for a small space to be utilized. There is no need for extra additional equipment. See here for additional information to build your own LED lighting system growing compartment.

Riding on the assumption that all readers of these articles understand medical marijuana certificates, the LED system is a good one to choose, because it does not create suspicion around extra electrical energy consumption. A high heat signature is a dead give away. LED systems do not create this either. Yet another wonderful reason to choose this system for your lighting needs.

In addition, the LED lights create little to no noise. This allows for secrecy in the growing process. There is no electrical noise associated and therefore no additional energy required to keep the secrecy around the growing of this plant!

In closing, the indoor process of growing cannabis is utilized to its maximum potential. With the use of hydroponics, a grower can use the right amount of nutrients to keep the plant at its ultimate PH. The grower, when controlling the different aspects of the growing process, has the ability with these lights to create primo quality and beautiful yield of the cannabis plant.

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