Steps to Follow While Setting Up Air-Cooled Grow Lights

marijuana indoor growing

Breakthrough in science and technology has made a lot of things so simple to achieve. Amongst this is farming. With a lot of mechanized farming methods introduced and high yielding plants on the increase, farmers can now work less and get more results in terms of their products output. One such innovation is the introduction of the grow light to assist in the way seedlings are grown. Grow lights are made use of when the sunlight is not enough to help the natural growth of plants. In other words, a…

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What is the Difference Between HID Grow Lights and LED Grow Lamps?


First let us notice that these two choices for hydroponic cannabis grow light systems physically look different. The LED grow lamp systems are made up of many petite bulbs contained in compartments usually less than 1 mm and implement an optical component to provide structure for the pattern of the radiation and reflection of the light. The HID light appears like a huge light bulb that has the capability of producing a major amount of light. They look like the lights you might see on a football field at night.…

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