3 Need To Know Essentials On How To Grow Weed

Author: Goran Robinson

To ensure that you have the foundations of knowledge that goes with growing mind-blowing weed you need to be aware of the three main species of marijuana. They are,


Each species has its own set of particular characteristics that separate it from the rest to create a unique identity. So let’s delve into these species and find out how each will determine the effects you feel as you professionally learn how to grow weed.

Known for their peculiar sense of height and often sparse leaves, Sativas high is a particularly uplifting and energetic one. Sativas can be found from a tall and round bushy-like plant, to a leaner and narrow build as well. They can grow anywhere between four to fifteen feet with the trademark of the sativa type is the leaves which are structured long and thin which sets it apart from other species.

The plant itself requires 12-13 hours of light a day to stay vegetative and the flowering stage takes place when darkness equals at least 12 hours per day. Depending on the strain and conditions of the environment, this flowering cycle can continue from five to ten weeks. If you’re learning how to grow weed in soil, the optimum pH for the Sativa is 6.2-6.7. The most favorable nutrient solution in hydroponic growing is 5.2-5.9.

Growers of Sativa tend to be more of the hydroponic type as the pH range mentioned above is an invitation for a large number of bacteria and fungi to swarm in the soil.

Due to the uplifting nature of a Sativa high, it is quite the perfect choice for a daytime smoke.  They bring a feeling of optimism and well-being to the smoker and even have known to be a source of medicinal use for pain relief. The plant itself has proven to contain a considerable amount of THC (a chemical compound) and about sixty cannabinoids which are primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Originating from the hash producing regions of the world like Morocco, Afghanistan and Tibet, Indicas offer more heavier, sleepy type of high. Unlike the tall structure of the Sativa plant, Indica species of cannabis are of a shorter and wider stance that often produces more dense buds then any other species.

With broad and often a darker shade of green leaves the Indica plant will be matured around 6-8 weeks after flowering starts. The buds with be thick and dense, with flavors and scents covering pungent to sweet and fruity. The power from an Indica smoke will pervade throughout the body releasing a relaxed, laid-back, ‘stoned’ type of sensation. The reason for this is that Indica’s higher CBD (cannabinoil) than THC offers a much heavier, sleepy kind of high which is great for a night time smoke or relaxation.

This all-over body relaxation effect from the Indica provides medical use for patients suffering from certain health conditions. Research has concluded that cannabis has established positive uses for such conditions as easing nausea and vomiting, anorexia and weight loss, neurogenic pain and movement disorders. Even effects of treating inflammation, infection, depression and anxiety disorders have been reported which are all excellent reasons to learn how to grow weed.

Cannabis Ruderalis is actually a subspecies of Cannabis Sativa which hails its name from the former Soviet Union to describe the vast variety of hemp that escaped cultivation. Other main cropping of Ruderalis is found most fervently in mid-west of North America and in isolated parts of the U.S and Canada.

The main difference between Ruderalis and our other two main species is that the Ruderalis contains little THC and CBD. It also is characterized by early flowering and is ideal for cultivating in much cooler climates and regions where conditions can often be harsh as the Ruderalis has an uncanny strength of resistance to environmental insects and disease. With the low potency of the Ruderalis, the main purpose the growers use this species is for cross-breeding plants, both in hemp and marijuana, that can stand harsh conditions.

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