Cultivated by humans for ten thousand years and counting, hemp features a long history of getting used for a spread of purposes, including medicinal. Despite this ancient heritage, one which eventually results in several of the U.S. founding fathers choosing to grow hemp as a crop, the cultivation of cannabis. Also, its role in alleviating health problems became an issue within the 20th century. Various laws and regulations were passed within which virtually vanquished the hemp industry. Measures Meant The Medicinal Value Of Cannabis Along with the loss of its…

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California Moms Speak Out For Legalizing Marijuana

mother weed

Author: Ronald Russo The push to legalize marijuana in California has borne witness to a bevy of strange sleeping arrangements. Medical marijuana dispensaries are now bedfellows with unions; retired law enforcement officers have linked arms with longhairs; and Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer have ditched their progressive stances on personal freedom in order to appear tough on crime, even as one of Boxer’s own staffers was arrested on Capitol Hill for possessing weed. As the days tick down to a vote on Prop. 19, yet another coalition of drug reformers…

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