How Cannabis is Breaking into the High End Market


With the legalization of cannabis growing state by state across the nation, the use of cannabis and its products – both for recreational and medicinal/wellness purposes – has been exploding. Even the elite have taken their own path with cannabis and have turned it into something unique and sophisticated.  As posh as it is to sip high-end champagne, it’s becoming just as chic to sport some sort of luxury cannabis paraphernalia. Thanks to the expansion of the legal cannabis market in the US, the luxury niche is following suit and…

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Cannabis Cultivation

Malaysia is the third nation in the Southeast Asian region were in the race of marijuana legalization have begun. Thailand advances on the race of legalized medical marijuana a few months ago.  National Anti-Drugs Agency director-general Datuk Seri Zulkifli Abdullah said there was a provision in the law that permits for the cultivation of marijuana with particular restrictions or approval. Marijuana seeds can be grown for medicinal purposes and research, with the approval from the Minister of Health. “If there is enough information to show it is safe and effective…

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Steps to Follow While Setting Up Air-Cooled Grow Lights

marijuana indoor growing

Breakthrough in science and technology has made a lot of things so simple to achieve. Amongst this is farming. With a lot of mechanized farming methods introduced and high yielding plants on the increase, farmers can now work less and get more results in terms of their products output. One such innovation is the introduction of the grow light to assist in the way seedlings are grown. Grow lights are made use of when the sunlight is not enough to help the natural growth of plants. In other words, a…

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Wax Concentrate Using BHO Extraction

bho extraction

What Herb Material Is Best To Use? The key to making potent wax concentrate using BHO extraction is starting with quality cannabis flowers, bag shake or harvest trim. Making sure the original material is free of harsh fertilizers or pesticides needed to make wax concentrate one of the cleaner ways to medicate with cannabis. Our collective recommends using medication that is dried up or in shake form to make the process easier. Patients looking to make marijuana wax concentrate using BHO extraction on a budget can acquire shake for more…

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Using CO2 For Growing Indoor Marijuana

c02 for weed

Growing Indoor Marijuana Systems Preparing for Growing Indoor Marijuana has its own unique challenges and advantages if you would like to wind up getting the stash of marijuana you have to know. In normal outside air, there is around 350ppm of CO2 available. Plants require CO2 during the process of photosynthesis. For indoor enclosed grow areas plants can use up the CO2 very quickly if proper “fresh” air circulation is not provided. When the CO2 levels drop below 200ppm, plants stop the photosynthesis process and stop growing. In the enclosed…

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