How Cannabis is Breaking into the High End Market


With the legalization of cannabis growing state by state across the nation, the use of cannabis and its products – both for recreational and medicinal/wellness purposes – has been exploding.

Marijuana Legalization USA
Marijuana USA

Even the elite have taken their own path with cannabis and have turned it into something unique and sophisticated. 

As posh as it is to sip high-end champagne, it’s becoming just as chic to sport some sort of luxury cannabis paraphernalia. Thanks to the expansion of the legal cannabis market in the US, the luxury niche is following suit and growing just as quickly.

These days, the market for luxury cannabis brands and products is expanding, giving the upper-crust demographic something to include as part of their everyday leisure. In addition to seeking out high-quality cannabis products that are designed to improve overall health and wellness, this particular group of elites is interested in looking good while using cannabis.

Here are some of the ways that the cannabis industry is changing to become more high-end.

High-End Dispensaries

Boutique cannabis lounges are popping up all over the country. They take their cues from the latest modern interior design firms while fostering a welcoming and comfortable space where consumers can learn more about different cannabis products and test out what’s new on the market.

Many require pay-per-month memberships for those who wish to smoke marijuana on-site in an upscale environment. These spaces are essentially dispensaries where products can be purchased and enjoyed all in one convenient, inviting location. Users can hang out and interact with other fellows like-minded and equally-affluent cannabis users.

Ultra-Modern Vapes

Haze Vaporizer

These days, vaping pens are incredibly sleek in design. There’s no question that teams of designers have been recruited and dedicated solely to creating the most polished vapes we’ve ever seen, giving users something sophisticated to adorn while enjoying their favorite brand and flavor of cannabis vapes.

Glass-blown, wood carved, and even diamond-encrusted vapes are now available on the market, and are being marketed directly to the luxury demographic.

Cannabis-Infused in Fine Dining

Fine dining might involve the best cutlery, fine china, and crystal glasses, but now enthusiasts can enjoy cannabis paired with luxury dining. San Francisco, in particular, has really embraced the fusion of cannabis and fine dining with various spaces in the industry that have successfully merged the two.

From simply adding a drop of cannabis-infused oil to preparing dishes featuring cannabis as an ingredient, chefs are incorporating the plant into their menus. Restaurant patrons can enjoy the flavor of the foods while taking advantage of the benefits that cannabis has on the mind and body.

Cannabis Weddings

Cannabis Wedding
cannabis wedding

In addition to the flowers, band, photographer, venue, and food, brides and grooms are also adding cannabis to their weddings. In fact, “cannabis weddings” are becoming so popular that cannabis wedding expos are popping up and attracting plenty of interested visitors.

Of course, guests can always smoke or vape their cannabis of choice with their sleek-design pens, but there are more ways in which it can be part of the nuptials. Many couples are incorporating it into their floral arrangements or even including it in their party favors.

Personalized Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Grow Box

Depending on what state you live in, you might have the legal right to grow your own cannabis at home. Of course, it’s essential to verify what the laws are where you are in order to make sure you’re within your right to do so.

Those who are particularly interested in the horticultural side of the cannabis industry can take advantage of plug-in cannabis plant growing systems that make it incredibly easy to cultivate a small harvest at home.

These mini grow houses are actually simple yet innovative boxes that can easily fit into any space and allow users to grow their own supply, yielding a few ounces of consumable cannabis at a time.

Luxury Rolling Papers

While there’s really nothing fancy about rolling papers, those who wish to smoke their cannabis the traditional way can ramp up the style factor by using luxury rolling papers to house their cannabis of choice.

Users who desire to smoke in style can even roll up their marijuana in 24-carat gold cannabis rolling papers, as well as non-GMO organic papers for those who are looking for something more eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy.

Wellness Products

The selection of cannabis wellness products these days is seemingly endless. From anti-aging creams to anti-anxiety supplements to wellness products for dogs, there’s no shortage of wellness products infused with cannabis compounds.

Plenty of companies are capitalizing on the benefits that cannabis has on health and wellness and the increasing demand for such products. And by incorporating cannabis into wellness products and cosmetics, users can benefit from the convenient ways in which to take advantage of cannabis and its amazing health properties.

Upscale Edibles

cannabis edibles
cannabis edibles

Users have long been consuming cannabis by infusing them in their favorite baked goods, including cookies and brownies. But today’s cannabis edibles are much more sophisticated and now include treats such as gummy bears, chewing gum, and chocolate bars.

Today’s more high-end cannabis consumer not only cares about the effects of cannabis on the mind and body but also the level of quality of the edible they consume.

What Stores Are Making an Impact in the Luxury Market?

The High End
The High End in Beverly Hills California

Department stores aren’t exactly the first place that consumers might think of when they’re looking for cannabis products. But some stores are looking to change that perception.

Barneys New York. The first major US-based department store to hit the cannabis market is Barneys, a high-end department store that is known for selling designer clothing, shoes and handbags from such top names as Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent.

But in addition to the traditional items sold in this store, Barneys is also making a name for itself in the world of cannabis with its cannabis concept shop, aptly named “The High End.” The luxury cannabis lifestyle and wellness shop recently set up in Beverly Hills, with an interior that anyone would come to expect from the high-end retailer.

The department store has been partnering with cannabis companies like Beboe, a California-based luxury marijuana company that’s been referred to as the “Hermes of Marijuana.” The partnership was created to help Barneys develop customized items, including hand-blown glass pipes, sterling silver grinders, and French-made rolling papers.

Fleur Marche Cannabis
Fleur Marche Cannabis Products

Fleur Marche. This company’s goal is to get consumers to think about cannabis as a wellness product that can improve and enhance overall health. Its cannabis apothecary was created to influence the industry and how people view cannabis.

Fleur Marche’s kits are presented in delightful pouches and bags, topped with a charming flower or two. With its gift-like appearance, the packaging is just as wonderful as the products themselves.


Cannadescent. Positioning itself in the luxury cannabis sphere is Cannadescent, a place where consumers can experience a luxurious and fashionable encounter when checking out the various cannabis products available.

The company prides itself on creating luxurious cannabis products in various signature effects, depending on the specific needs of its upper-class consumers. Users can customize their products to create the exact experience they wish to achieve.

Final Thoughts

While cannabis products are meant for all to enjoy and take advantage of, the luxury market has carved out a particularly unique aspect of the industry, fostering the development of high-end products that are just as attractive as they are beneficial for the mind and body.

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