Cultivated by humans for ten thousand years and counting, hemp features a long history of getting used for a spread of purposes, including medicinal. Despite this ancient heritage, one which eventually results in several of the U.S. founding fathers choosing to grow hemp as a crop, the cultivation of cannabis. Also, its role in alleviating health problems became an issue within the 20th century. Various laws and regulations were passed within which virtually vanquished the hemp industry. Measures Meant The Medicinal Value Of Cannabis Along with the loss of its…

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Cannabis cultivation, especially in confined or discreet places, are often tricky. The same goes with preparing joints over modern glow led trays, lighting and space are important. The more plants you would like to grow, the more space you will need. Vertical growth is where plants rise on tiered shelves around or aligned straight upwards. Vertical cannabis growing has been known to quite double the quantity of space available for cultivation compared to horizontal growing. Multiple shelves are often stacked during a square or hexagon around a central light. Plants…

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Cannabis Growing Practices Under Watch in Canada

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About a year ago, Canada legalized cannabis growing across the country. As of October 18, 2018, citizens who are of the age of maturity could legally buy cannabis and cannabis-related products. What a relief to be able to purchase products such as CBD oil without a medical prescription or fear of prosecution. However, the entire industry is now regulated by the federal government. That means that the government and its agencies have the final say on who gets to sell and grow the cannabis that is to be supplied to…

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It’s summertime, and the living is indeed comfortable. Not only can we plant homegrown cannabis, but we can purchase among the hottest cannabis strains a week per week at local dispensaries. Of course, as a way to hold the hottest strain summer possible, we’ll be looking for just the right strains for the season. Here are the hottest strains of marijuana this summer. Each has been carefully selected due to the light, often fruity flavors, and great buzz for your most popular summertime activities. Pineapple Express Pineapple Express is a…

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How Cannabis is Breaking into the High End Market


With the legalization of cannabis growing state by state across the nation, the use of cannabis and its products – both for recreational and medicinal/wellness purposes – has been exploding. Even the elite have taken their own path with cannabis and have turned it into something unique and sophisticated.  As posh as it is to sip high-end champagne, it’s becoming just as chic to sport some sort of luxury cannabis paraphernalia. Thanks to the expansion of the legal cannabis market in the US, the luxury niche is following suit and…

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