Cannabis Growing Practices Under Watch in Canada

cannabis canada

About a year ago, Canada legalized cannabis growing across the country. As of October 18, 2018, citizens who are of the age of maturity could legally buy cannabis and cannabis-related products. What a relief to be able to purchase products such as CBD oil without a medical prescription or fear of prosecution.

cannabis growing
Cannabis Growing

However, the entire industry is now regulated by the federal government. That means that the government and its agencies have the final say on who gets to sell and grow the cannabis that is to be supplied to people in the provinces and territories. And if you know anything about the government, you know that it means heavy regulations and tough rules.

Availability Of High-Quality Cannabis Growing

But it’s not all bad. Citizens benefit from high-quality cannabis available on store shelves – at government-approved, funded and regulated locations – 7 days a week. So what does it take to become a federally-recognized cannabis supplier to one of the biggest countries in the world?

Growing cannabis in Canada
Growing Cannabis in Canada

When the government was putting together its plan to legalize cannabis, a great conversation was struck about the suppliers that would be used to provide such a service. A cat and mouse game of cannabis growing began as people started to realize that there weren’t any “legal” cannabis grow ops beyond medicinal marijuana suppliers, and they had their own rules and regulations to follow for such growth.

It turns out that anyone could apply for a permit and license to grow cannabis and sell it to the government. This brought people out of the woodwork who were interested in starting new businesses. Along with those who wanted to come under contract with the government.

Cannabis Business in Canada

Interestingly enough, all of the cannabis sold in Canada is Canadian. As a high-import country, it seemed reasonable that other countries would want to get in on the action. A mass opportunity that was about to be launched.

Cannabis Stocks
cannabis stocks

Suppliers had to meet specific demands and have enough funds available to them. It will take a lot to support the uptake and operation of their growth and development.

Then there was a conversation surrounding how the quality would be assured. What would Canadians could expect from buying cannabis from the government? It seems strange that you can light up a joint that the Prime Minister approved. Such is normal life these days in Canada.

Government Approved Marijuana

But the willy-nilly way it all seems to have come about is not the whole picture. Strict guidelines and inspection strategies are ensuring that the product is as promised and so far, people aren’t complaining. You might even hear the odd user celebrate the “high percentage” of CBD in a particular product. And they bought it at a local liquor store run by the government – as is the case in most provinces.

Of course, it took more than a few months to prepare to launch these cannabis dispensaries in Canada. The growth process, shipping, and distribution all had to be figured out ahead of time. The stores opened on October 18, 2019. Many of them sold-out of their product before the end of the day. It wasn’t surprising, however, that there was more to come shortly thereafter.

Every cannabis product sold in Canada is packaged in government-approved labels and has multiple layers of security. It’s hard for even an adult with fully-functioning hands to open a case of joints. They are sold in a variety of sizes, percentages, and quantity. To open them it helps reading the instructions.

Government Research For Cannabis Growing

Currently, the government is undertaking massive research projects. To ensure that the use of cannabis growing continues to be safe for its citizens and as time goes on. More research and development will be done about the growth and harvesting process to ensure consistency and quality of the product.

For now, everyone seems pretty happy with the way things have played out. Nobody so far is complaining that it wasn’t worth waiting for. With such a large area to cover, suppliers and growers are working together. In hopes to ensure that products are where they need to be.

As expected it’s rare to hear of a delay or shortage because of poor logistics. Now wouldn’t it be great if governments could run everything as smoothly as they do the cannabis industry?

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