Strawberry Cough Strain

strawberry cough

In my last grow I included a couple of Strawberry Cough clones from a friend of mine. I was really glad I did once it started flowering and the sweet smell of strawberry filled the closet. The strain is super resinous and consistently sticky to the touch. I have had some buds curing in a jar for over a month now and they are just as sticky as the day I cut them down. All I have to say is… this strain is AMAZINGLY GOOD… and the Bubble Hash tastes like Strawberry Jam… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone..!!!!

I like to roll a big fat joint and before I light it I suck air through it a few times to get a taste of what the Marijuana actually tastes like.. and the Strawberry Cough was the best taste to date at least in the top two… I can’t recommend this strain enough.

Strawberry Cough

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