How to Germinating Marijuana Seeds

paper towel germination

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds


Germinating Marijuana seeds is pretty simple, if you follow these steps you stand a much better chance of successfully germinating your Marijuana seeds and starting your Marijuana grow off on the right foot.

Step One:
Soak the seed in water for 24 hours. This allows the seed to soak up water and start the process of opening up the outer shell. (Just toss it in a small cup of water between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Seeds do not require any light source to germinate, only warmth and clear water – no nutrients or fertilizers.

Step Two:
Take the seed out and place it on a wet paper towel. You will need to keep this paper towel damp until the seed opens. (Seeds should open within 2-4 days)


Important: It is very important that you put your seed in a paper towel first and not directly into its growing medium. If you place the seed directly into the growing medium you stand a pretty good chance of placing the seed upside down, which will stunt the growth of the plant. See how the far seedling in the picture is struggling to turn itself right side up? This takes away time and energy that could be used to grow upright. This will permanently stunt the plant’s growth.

Step Three:

After you have allowed enough time for the seed to open, it is time to put the seed into its growing medium. You will want to put the root protruding from the open seed down in the growing medium first, the shell should be on top so the plant can push it out and shed it once the plant is big enough.

Step Four:

Marijuana Seedling

Once the seedling has shown signs of growth and shed it’s outer shell, the process is complete and you now have a healthy Marijuana plant that is ready to put in your grow. It takes about ten days for the plant to grow roots and become strong enough to take on full nutrients.

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