Wax Concentrate Using BHO Extraction

bho extraction

What Herb Material Is Best To Use?

The key to making potent wax concentrate using BHO extraction is starting with quality cannabis flowers, bag shake or harvest trim. Making sure the original material is free of harsh fertilizers or pesticides needed to make wax concentrate one of the cleaner ways to medicate with cannabis. Our collective recommends using medication that is dried up or in shake form to make the process easier.

Patients looking to make marijuana wax concentrate using BHO extraction on a budget can acquire shake for more than half the cost of regular buds or flowers, while still having similar potency due to the build-up THC in the form of “keef”.

The Grinding Process

The cheapest and most effective way to grind up flowers or buds is a coffee grinder. Some people use hand grinders and for anyone who’s made a lot of marijuana wax concentrate using BHO extraction knows that can take a long time.

Also, quality grinders are sold relatively cheap at stores like Walmart for only $20. Coffee grinders last a long time if you routinely clean the blades.

The key is to grind up the material into uniform small bits, but you don’t want to create a fine powder because coffee grinders were designed to grind hard beans and will grind cannabis into powder if you’re not careful.

To avoid this problem, set the grinder to coarse. Once the material looks evenly cut, empty the contents into a temporary bowl or jar.

Extraction Tube

More often than not, people watch a video on YouTube or read something online and drive immediately to Home Depot to buy materials to make wax marijuana concentrate using BHO extraction.

The problem is BHO extraction is a laboratory process needing laboratory-grade and designed equipment. The only way to safely make wax marijuana concentrate using BHO extraction is to use glass extractors or glass extraction tubes.

dabs extractor
dabs extractor

Glass falls under a class of materials called ceramics, which are very resistant to deterioration and it’s constituent elements are not harmful to people. Patients often use PVC or steel tubes and do not understand they are going to have an increasing amount of those particles in their marijuana BHO wax concentrate products.

Butane Or BHO

Once you acquire the equipment, Butane and medical marijuana are the only costs to make wax marijuana concentrate using BHO extraction. Like anything else, people want to save money and doing so by purchasing low-grade butane is a very bad idea.

When making such a pure concentrate of THC and CBD wax, why add other contaminants which are toxic elements? If you cannot locate a cheap source of 5x super pure butane, please contact SoCal Relief to receive large discounts on individual tubes or boxes.

Water Bath

This is the most expensive investment you can make but will keep you the safest and reduce the time to make BHO in half. Electronic water baths remove the threat of having a flame source ignite any butane vapors.

The temperature controls of an electronic water bath allow you to adjust the perfect amount of heat needed for each stage of the curing process treatment.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum chamber & pump are not entirely necessary unless you are trying to make ultra-pure wax marijuana concentrate using BHO extraction. Nearly all butane can be evaporated out of BHO (butane honey oil); however, vacuum pumps are devices that remove butane in its entirety.

bho oil and wax
bho oil and wax

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