Using CO2 For Growing Indoor Marijuana

c02 for weed

Growing Indoor Marijuana Systems

c02 for weed growing
In the enclosed grows with special lights, micro-nutrients, and growing mediums. Marijuana plants can use more than the 350ppm of CO2 available in the normal air. The normal progression rate of a Growing Indoor Marijuana plant under these conditions will increase with CO2 enrichment and cut down on growing times and increase yields.

You can introduce CO2 into your grow at any time during the vegetative or flowering process. As soon as CO2 is introduced the growth rate will increase. The CO2 is only used while the lights are on so there is no need for CO2 enrichment while the plants are in the dark.

What Is The CO2 Good For?

CO2 is only useful to the Marijuana plant for growing tissue-material and is not needed for resin production or the production of THC. It is highly suggested that the CO2 enrichment process is stopped during the last 2-3 weeks of flowering when the plants put more of their energy into THC and resin production rather than new tissue growth.

Some growers even say that the use of CO2 during these last few weeks lowers the THC, resin production, and reduces potency. To be safe I would suggest stopping the enrichment process during this last few weeks.

I have read several articles and forum threads on the subject of using CO2 for Growing Indoor Marijuana or in a closet. I finally came to the conclusion after testing CO2 tanks hooked up to my smaller closet grow operation that it really all depends on the growing set-up. Here are a couple of scenarios:

Using CO2 In A Perpetual Closet Grow Area

A perpetual closet grow is considered to be a grow operation that has multiple closets or chambers and is continuously in operation. One chamber for vegetative growth, one chamber for flowering, and another for rooting clones. In this scenario, it is NOT suggested to use CO2 because of the time constraints on the vegetative chamber. The plants only have to be in the vegetative chamber about half as long as they are in the flowering chamber.
Any use of CO2 will speed up the plant’s growth and will possibly make them outgrow the chambers before the flowering plants have completed their process. In this case, it is much better to increase air circulation rather than introducing any CO2. Increasing air circulation will introduce enough CO2 into the chamber so the plants will not grow too fast.

Using CO2 In A Perpetual Room Grow Area

A perpetual room grow is considered to be a grow operation that has multiple rooms and is continuously in operation. One room for vegetative growth, one room for flowering, and a small area for rooting clones. In this scenario, if you have enough light and height to allow your plants to grow fast and tall or big and bushy, then I say go for it.

Take advantage of introducing CO2 to induce a faster more robust growth rate. Increase your yield and make for a healthier plant!

Using CO2 In A Single Grow Area

A single grow is considered to be a room where your plants go through the vegetative growth stage and the flowering stage without being moved. In this scenario, it would be a good idea to use CO2 seeing as you want the plants to grow as fast as they can in the vegetative growth stage so you can switch them to 12/12 and start the flowering process sooner.

You’ll be able to gauge your height and switch the lights to 12/12 before your plants outgrow your room. In this case, you may be able to cut a week or maybe two off your growing time.

Conclusion For Using CO2 In Your Grow:

It all depends on the growing area and what the time constraint or height constraints are. Timing is everything when trying to grow continuous crops. The introduction of CO2 in certain grows would throw the times off between vegetative growth and the flowering stage. Basically, it all depends on the scenario.

It is a good thing to enrich you grow with CO2. As long as the increase in growth rate doesn’t mess things up and the CO2 is not used in the last few weeks of flowering – potentially lowering THC-Resin production and potency.

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  1. Dana

    Your article is very interesting. Is growing marijuana plants different from growing other plants indoor. For example: would you go through the same lighting process if you grew an indoor vegetable garden in a basement or closet? I have UV lights for my winter gardens, do you use the same lighting?

  2. admin

    Thanks for the positive comment. Growing marijuana plants is a lot like growing tomatoes which you can also grow inside. The lighting can be very similar and using UV lights is what a lot of growers use now along with LED’s. You can use CFL’s for cheaper electricity but usually only during vegetative stage, stronger lights would be needed for flowering. The T5 model is popular for veg stage. Cheers!

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