Growing From Marijuana Seeds

marijuana seeds


Using high quality marijuana seeds is the most reliable thing you can do to grow the best plants and getting top strain genetics. Hundreds of various weed strains are available from good seed banks, and each has its own characteristics.

How To Grow From Marijuana Seeds

Advantages To Growing From Marijuana Seeds

Growing From Marijuana Seeds  is a great way to start on learning how to grow. Although a female clone does guarantee that you will get a female plant. However, unless you make changes to the growing environment, there isn’t much room for variation and improvements.

  • A wider selection of strains are available in seed compared to clone, which opens your options up to grow different genetics.
  • A local medical dispensary isn’t needed to grow since it is possible to deliver Cannabis seeds any place in the world.
  • If you are intending to breed, then it is better to use cannabis seeds since they yield better results due to the fact that plants do not experience as much stress. You are also able to grow males.
  • Plants that are grown from seeds don’t experience genetic drift that clones do that are taken from old mother plants.
  • Better rooting systems are produced by Cannabis seeds, which provides you with stronger plants when they are flowering.
  • When you grow from seed it provides you with the chance to try out something new each time.
  • Clones only have a 50% successful germination rate, whereas good cannabis seeds have an 85% and above rate.

How To Choose The Best Marijuana Seeds

When choosing the best marijuana seeds, it is important for you to know what kind of marijuana you want to grow. Are you a recreational smoker who really likes connoisseur strains, or are you growing it for commercial or medical reasons? Do you live in an area with a good climate and have plenty of space, or do you only have a closet to grow in? You need to ask yourself these questions in order to choose the best strain to grow.

There are numerous kinds of selecting of marijuana seed strains that are available to suit each individual toker’s preferences and taste. Make sure to choose a strain that you are able to grow in your climate. Know what its growth characteristics are and what the expected time frame is for how long it will take for it to grow, starting from seeds all the way to ending up with happy results. Our strain guide can be used to help you select a suitable strain for your purposes.

Good cannabis seeds are dark brown and hard with mottling or spots. Depending on what the strain is, the size does vary. Sativa cannabis seeds are smaller with few markings on their seed casing, while Indica strains have a tendency to produce large seeds that look like they have tiger stripes. You should avoid using weak, cracked, green or pale cannabis seeds. It is unlikely that they will germinate, or if they do the plants will be weak. Keep in mind that good looking seeds will produce plants that are also good looking.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Usually when you purchase regular seeds, approximately 50% will be male and the other 50% will produce female plants. When you purchase feminized seeds it will increase your chances from 50% to 95% that you will grow a female plant. Feminized seeds do not grow male plants. However, poor genetics and growing conditions can cause some strains be susceptible to hermaphrodites being grown.

Which genetic types are available?

Marijuana plants are all variations of the plant Cannabis and include three mainly different strains. They include Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. Due to the many years of cultivation, getting a pure version of any of them is very rare. Most are hybrids with a dominant genetic type.

The following is a short summary of the individual strains along with the key characteristics that each one has.

  • Sativa– The plants grow thin and tall, take a longer time to mature, and have a tendency to produce larger yields compared to Indica plants. You get an energetic and cerebral high.
  • Indica– The plants grow bushy and short, mature sooner than sativas do and produce resinous and sticky buds. The buzz you get is a body stone type that may result in couch lock.
  • Auto flower/Ruderalist– Autos have a tendency to be very short. They are ideal for individuals who don’t have a lot of growing space. When flowering they are able to receive light 24 hours per day and also mature very quickly. Pure Ruderalis strains lack in potency. That is why they usually are crossed with more potent strains in order to retain a suitable THC level.
  • Hybrid– This is most common type, and includes two or more of the strains above. A majority of hybrid strains have either a Sativa or Indica dominance. Ruderalis hybrids often get crossed with the other two strains to make a high potency of CBD’s as well as a fast maturing plant.

Which ever strain you decide on it will take a little longer in your growing cycle by growing from seeds vs growing from clones. Some people don’t have the patience or know how on doing so correctly and receiving the benefits. Those that grow from seed might also be in for an expensive price depending on the strain and availability as well. Here is some more on the details of growing from seed.

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