In order to produce better yields, people who grow cannabis train their plants to grow into specific shapes and sizes. In order to get plants with an abundant number of buds, techniques such as LST, super cropping, fiming, topping, and more are used. There are many ways to control the shape and size of the plants. Advanced plant training techniques include ScrOG, SoG, defoliation, super cropping, main-lining, LST, FIMing, and topping. However, especially during the flowering stage, some grow patterns depend on the plant’s genetic code no matter which techniques you use to train them. To offset this, simply take control of how plant genetics are affecting your yield by selecting which cannabis strain you choose to use. You are more likely to great yields because you’ll be able to get the cannabis to grow the way you want it to grow. Many cannabis growers, who grow both outdoors and …Read the Rest

Vegatative And Flowering Stages Of Marijuana

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Growing From Marijuana Seeds

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Growing Marijuana Indoors Or Outdoors – Which Is Better?

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Vaping In Public Ban In California

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Avoiding Problems When Growing Cannabis

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What is the Difference Between HID Grow Lights and LED Grow Lamps?

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Using The Right Nutrients For Growing Marijuana Indoors

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The Growing Elite Marijuana Guide Covers Everything

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