Are We Seeing The End Of Public Vaping With California’s Ban? As it is right now, “vapers” or people use electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine fix instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes enjoy more freedom than cigarette smokers. However, they are facing a threat from California’s impending ban on vaping. The state recently passed a bill that prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in all the places where cigarette smoking is also banned. Although the bill still has to be approved by the Assembly, some establishments like the UCLA are implementing the law in advance. Ironically, it banned vaping in its premises on the same day (April 22) that cigarette smoking was banned in the state. It does make you wonder why people are rushing to ban vaping when there are no conclusive studies that prove they’re as dangerous as cigarettes. But Stella Bialous, president of Tobacco Policy International, is quick to point out that it’s precisely this air of mystery that makes electronic cigarettes dangerous. Nobody knows what effects vaping has especially because there are no comprehensive studies that conclusively indicate the risks involved. The studies that are available are few and they only involve specific brands. For example, a 2009 study by the Food and Drug Administration showed that one brand contained trace quantities of diethylene glycol, which …Read the Rest

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