Watch out for these six potential problems and Cure 99% of the issues around growing Cannabis: Previously, we explained how to identify numerous problems that may arise when growing Cannabis. To be honest, when one grows this plant, it is probable that one will run into one if not many of the potential problems associated with growing. How you choose to respond to these potential problems will signify whether or not you have a high yield or a costly disaster! Cannabis can be an easy plant to grow, given the appropriate information and solutions. Choosing to respond to issues that may arise with knowledge given here will hopefully make the process an easy and graceful one for you! After all, they do call it a weed, don’t they?! When you are growing, if you keep your eye out for these six potential problems, you will solve your issues with cannabis providing a stronger yield and larger, stronger buds! HEAT has the potential to kill your wonderful plants!  Your area where you grow your plants should be slightly warmer or close to room temperature. 80% F is the highest limit of temperature you should allow your plants to be exposed to. The strength of your plant will be compromised if it is too hot in the growing environment. It will create a …Read the Rest

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