Marijuana can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Both of these ways have their own advantages and challenges. Some growers prefer to grow indoors till the vegetative state and move the plants outside during the flowering stage. Most of the professional growers who sell marijuana for medical and recreational purposes tend to grow indoors as they can better control all aspects of the crop. Pros and Cons Here are some of the pros and cons of growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. Pros of Growing Weed Indoors Control over All Variables One of the biggest advantages of growing marijuana indoors is that you control all the variables. You control the light, room temperature, humidity, ventilation and various other factors to ensure that the plant turns out exactly as expected. You control all the stages from vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Perpetual Harvest Since you control all the variables, it means that you can grow plants all year round and never be in short supply. You can simultaneously grow plants at different growth stages. On the other hand, you are dependent on availability of sunlight, temperature and various other environmental factors when growing outdoors. Growers can harvest only a single crop in a year when they grow outdoors. Shorter Grow Time When you are growing indoors, you determine the length …Read the Rest

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