Wax Concentrate Using BHO Extraction

bho extraction

What Herb Material Is Best To Use? The key to making potent wax concentrate using BHO extraction is starting with quality cannabis flowers, bag shake or harvest trim. Making sure the original material is free of harsh fertilizers or pesticides needed to make wax concentrate one of the cleaner ways to medicate with cannabis. Our collective recommends using medication that is dried up or in shake form to make the process easier. Patients looking to make marijuana wax concentrate using BHO extraction on a budget can acquire shake for more…

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Using CO2 For Growing Indoor Marijuana

c02 for weed

Growing Indoor Marijuana Systems Preparing for Growing Indoor Marijuana has its own unique challenges and advantages if you would like to wind up getting the stash of marijuana you have to know. In normal outside air, there is around 350ppm of CO2 available. Plants require CO2 during the process of photosynthesis. For indoor enclosed grow areas plants can use up the CO2 very quickly if proper “fresh” air circulation is not provided. When the CO2 levels drop below 200ppm, plants stop the photosynthesis process and stop growing. In the enclosed…

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The Best Marijuana Growing Guide


Starting Your Weed Growing From Seeds The comprehensive Marijuana Growing Guide — understand how to develop like a pro using the market expert guide from easy420grow.com. You can learn all about the various cannabis strains that exist including the big differences between Sativa’s and Indica’s. You will see what seeds look like when they’re ripe and timeline for germination, including details about popular germination techniques. Germinating each seed properly is the single most important step to a successful garden. I also give great tips on how to grow more female plants from seed…

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Marijuana Foliar Feeding

marijuana foliar feeding

  If you’re looking for an easy way to increase growth and yield and avoid nutrient buildup in soil, foliar feeding is a great method. It’s pretty easy to do, all you need is to prepare a tea made of plant food, bat guano, or fish emulsion. Use foliar spray during vegetative growth and early flowering. Late in the flowering season, you shouldn’t use foliar spray, as you’ll be eating the sprayed on nutrients later when you harvest. With foliar feeding, you should feed plants daily or every other day.…

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Strawberry Cough Strain

strawberry cough

In my last grow I included a couple of Strawberry Cough clones from a friend of mine. I was really glad I did once it started flowering and the sweet smell of strawberry filled the closet. The strain is super resinous and consistently sticky to the touch. I have had some buds curing in a jar for over a month now and they are just as sticky as the day I cut them down. All I have to say is… this strain is AMAZINGLY GOOD… and the Bubble Hash tastes…

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